Executive Search

Board members and C-suite professionals are busy running businesses – they rarely find their next career opportunity by responding to an advertisement. Executive search actively seeks out senior leaders to bring to their attention a career opportunity. Our ability to network globally with this senior financial services community quickly identifies the most respected, reputable and calibre individuals.

Market Intelligence

Market intelligence (MI) is invaluable as a tool for heightening awareness and aiding decision making, be that as a discrete, standalone piece of work or as the first stage of a more traditional executive search assignment. MI helps with understanding organizational structures and those within them. It includes profiling relevant individuals to explore the scope and span of their role, career experience, propensity to move and compensation.


Outside of a specific assignment, as well as within it, deep and comprehensive referencing supports candidate evaluation. At a basic level, it explores strengths, developmental areas, motivation and fit, whilst also being able to drill down on the requisite skills and experience specific to each role. Referencing quickly reveals themes and trends, providing greater insight into candidates’ ultimate relevance and suitability.

Leadership Assessment

The composition of any leadership team is critical to the success of a business. Whilst leadership assessment is often conducted at the time of a merger or acquisition, it might also be triggered by the arrival of a new CEO or members of the leadership team. This tool provides a useful insight into the DNA of each individual as well as how the team operates as a whole.

Succession Planning

Identifying and developing potential future leaders is imperative. As well as developing talent internally, there is an increasing desire to have a pool of external talent which is known to the organisation. By keeping in touch with this external group, organisations are able to approach individuals directly when relevant opportunities arise.

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